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Vanilla Bean Cake Recipe
  • Vanilla Bean Cake Recipe

    Copper Spoon Cakery's Vanilla Bean Sponge recipe is now available for you to bake at home!


    This easy vanilla sponge recipe is a staple in my kitchen and is the perfect base for so many buttercream and filling flavours.


    What's included in the Vanilla Bean Cake Recipe?


    This recipe is made using the 'reverse creaming method'. You beat softened butter into the dry ingredients, rather than creaming it with just sugar alone. Then beat in the liquid ingredients to make a thick, smooth batter.


    The result is a velvety, tender crumb sponge with the perfect rigidity for stacking as a 3 layer cake.


    This is a PDF download recipe with detailed instructions and measurements on how to bake the perfect amount of Vanilla Bean sponge cake for a 6 inch 3 layer cake.  You could also convert this recipe to make 20 mini cakes! Use the same silicone cake moulds as I do for cute square mini cakes.


    Please note that this is for the sponge recipe ONLY - you can purchase the Swiss meringue buttercream recipe I use to layer this cake. 


    Once purchased, this recipe is for your use only, sharing of this document is prohibited.


    Allergens to be aware of

    This recipe contains the following allergens: Gluten/Wheat, Eggs, Dairy (Milk, Butter).

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