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& Design Masterclass

Learn everything you need to create painted buttercream cakes and develop your own signature style with the Buttercream & Design masterclass!

What's included?
See all 10 modules outlined below...

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Module 1:

My Swiss meringue buttercream recipe with step by step guidance.


Module 2: Troubleshooting

Buttercream turned soupy or curdled? Avoid wastage and learn how to fix it! 


Module 3: Flavours

Adding flavours to your buttercream and recommended fillings


Module 4: Stacking & smoothing

Learn how to stack a three layer cake, create smooth buttercream and sharp edges PLUS our signature ruffled buttercream finish.

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Module 5: Colouring

Add colouring to your buttercream and learn how to create a colour palette 


Module 6: Bold designs 

Learn how to create our classic Waterfall and Terrazzo designs


Module 7: Soft designs

Creating softer, blended styles with a step by step tutorial


Module 8: Painted Flowers

Create painted abstract flowers with a detailed guide


Module 9:

Learn how to use  edible gold paint and gold foil.


Module 10: Fresh Flowers

Prep your fresh flowers and create beautiful arrangements 

PLUS Additional Resources 

  • Two Basic sponge recipes; my go-to vanilla and chocolate sponges. 

  • Handy ratio charts for cake servings, buttercream quantities and sizing up or down with recipes. 

  • My favourite Swiss meringue buttercream recipe, including 10 example flavours to add to your buttercream. 

  • A handy guide for essential cake decorating tools and where to purchase them.

  • Recipes for cake fillings such as curds and compotes.

  • Access to an online community where you can share your progress with other members, join discussions, ask questions and get important program updates.

All this for only £149! Join now and start your cake decorating journey... 

10 Modules 

Covering everything you need to know about painted buttercream cakes

Lifetime Access

Learn in your own time and have unlimited access to the course videos and resources

Member Access

Connect with other course members, get updates and share photos and videos. 

Meet your course tutor...

Hi! I'm Alice, the owner of Copper Spoon Cakery and your guide through the Buttercream & Design Masterclass.


I've been running Copper Spoon Cakery since 2017 and have learnt everything I know about cake decorating through watching online videos, trial and error and applying techniques I learnt from my passion for oil painting. I’ve refined my cake decorating skills over the years and can now share my foolproof methods to create smooth, neat cakes with beautiful painted designs.


My goal with the Buttercream & Design Masterclass course is to empower both beginner and professional bakers to express their creativity through cake making, find their signature style and build a solid foundation of techniques to get great results every time.


Decorating with Swiss Meringue Buttercream

Learning to create the perfect Swiss meringue buttercream every time can be tricky without the right guidance. The Buttercream & Design Masterclass guides you step-by-step from selecting the best ingredients, to troubleshooting any potential mistakes.

Find Your Style

Every painter starts with the same basic tools, yet each maker will create something totally unique. Sometimes all we need is initial guidance to give us confidence to express our creativity, try new styles and techniques and find our place in the creative world. This is where the Buttercream & Design course comes in!


Over the years I have made my fair share of mistakes, teaching myself the techniques through confusing online videos or online recipes. This course is here to skip the trial and error phase and get you straight to success! 


Whether you’re a beginner or a professional baker, the Buttercream & Design course will help you avoid wastage and provide reliable, easy steps to creating smooth, beautiful cakes every time.​


My goal at the end of this course is to give you structured guidance on using Swiss meringue buttercream as a tool for painting, whilst showing you ways to make each design unique to you.

Course FAQ's

Who can join this course? 

Amateur Bakers, Home Bakers, Professional Bakers, Cake Decorators

What does this course include? 

When you sign up for this course you receive access to all of the 10 course modules, including additional resources and learning that you may need. You can then access these videos and learning at any time and forever. 

How long is this course? 

This course has 10 modules which is around 2 hours of videos and learning, however this doesn't include the addition "Homework" tasks and practice you may need. 

What do I need to join the course? 

For this course you need your cake sponge ready (recipes included in your additional resources), ingredients for the buttercream, our recommended cake decorating tools and any of your favourite food colourings. 

How much is this course? 

The course is a one-off payment of £149.

Why Swiss Meringue Buttercream? 

The most commonly used buttercream in the UK is American buttercream, made from icing sugar and butter. I always found American buttercream to be overly sweet and didn’t like the grainy texture from the icing sugar. You are left with a matte crusted finish when using American buttercream which I also wasn’t a fan of. 


To compare, Swiss meringue buttercream is made with egg whites and caster sugar, heated until the sugar dissolves and whipped into a delicious meringue. Butter is added to the cool meringue leaving you with a smooth, silky buttercream. Because the sugar is dissolved in the process of making Swiss meringue buttercream, the texture is velvety and creamy, without an overbearing sweetness. 


I’ve had many customers over the years who tell me they’re not a fan of buttercream, until they try mine and love how smooth and delicate the taste is! I promise you will love it just as much as my customers.

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