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Hi, my name is Alice!

I’m the owner of Copper Spoon Cakery. I’m a self-taught baker and cake decorator with a passion for creating beautiful cakes.


I've been baking, drawing and painting for pretty much as long as I can remember. From oil paintings to sponge cakes, I love experimenting with new designs.

Copper Spoon Cakery originally started as a blog whilst I was working full time in an office; I found it the perfect creative outlet for which I lacked in my daily life, as well as a way of documenting the many cakes and designs that I produced in my little kitchen at home.

Designing Cakes Worth Celebrating

In 2017, I left the daily grind of the office behind and started a home baking business in Ilkley, and I've never looked back! I worked my way up to owning my own cakery in Ilkley with a loyal customer base, but soon discovered a new passion; teaching others to create beautiful cakes without years of training or in-person workshops.

Learning Through Experience

I learnt everything I know about cake decorating through watching online videos, trial and error and applying techniques I learnt from my passion for oil painting. I’ve refined my cake decorating skills over the years and can now share my foolproof methods to create smooth, neat cakes with beautiful painted designs.


My goal with Copper Spoon Cake Courses is to empower both beginner and professional bakers to express their creativity through cake making, find their signature style and build a solid foundation of techniques to get great results every time.

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