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Rhubarb and Vanilla Bean Sponge Recipe

Rhubarb and Vanilla Bean Sponge Recipe

Copper Spoon Cakery's Rhubarb and Vanilla Bean Sponge recipe is now available for you to bake at home! 


This sponge is light and fluffy, studded with sweet rhubarb and vanilla bean.
The use of sour cream in this cake means the sponge is moist, tender and rich.


Sour cream has a high fat content and doesn’t thin out the batter as milk or cream would. Not only that, but the acids in sour cream help to shorten and tenderise strands of gluten, which gives the sponge a beautiful texture.


What's included in the Rhubarb and Vanilla Bean Cake Recipe?


This is a PDF download recipe with detailed instructions and measurements on how to bake the perfect amount of Rhubarb and Vanilla Bean sponge cake for a 6 inch 3 layer cake.  You could also convert this recipe to make 18 mini cakes! Use the same silicone cake moulds as I do for cute square mini cakes.


Please note that this is for the sponge recipe ONLY - you can purchase the Swiss meringue buttercream recipe I use to layer this cake. 


Once purchased, this recipe is for your use only, sharing of this document is prohibited.


Allergens to be aware of

This recipe contains the following allergens: Gluten/Wheat, Eggs, Dairy (Sour Cream, Butter).


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