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Example Marketing Strategy For Cake Business

Updated: Jan 8

Cake decorating businesses are becoming increasingly popular in the UK, with more and more people turning to home-baked cakes and desserts as a way to celebrate special occasions or simply enjoy a sweet treat.

With so much competition in the market, it's essential that cake businesses have a solid marketing strategy in place to stand out and attract customers. If you're baking wedding cakes, occasion cakes, selling to cafes and restaurants or creating your own unique bakes like brownies or cupcakes, you need to have a plan for your marketing to help you attract more customers.

In this blog, we've outlined what you need to include in an example marketing strategy for cake business.

Marketing Strategy For Cake Business

Why Cake Businesses Need a Marketing Strategy

A marketing strategy is vital for any business, including those in the cake industry. Before I started Copper Spoon Cakery I was lucky enough to study Marketing at University and work in marketing positions before I decided to start my cake business from home.

Having this marketing knowledge helped me plan out what I needed to do to grow my business and a well-defined strategy can help you to:

1. Identify your target audience - A good marketing strategy will help you to identify the types of customers that you want to target, based on factors such as age, gender, location, and interests. This can be something as simple as "People who want a cake in my area" but then you can investigate what that target audience are looking for.

2. Stand out from the competition - There are many cake businesses out there, so it's important that you find a way to differentiate yourself from the rest. A marketing strategy can help you to do this by highlighting your unique selling points, such as your use of organic ingredients or your custom cake designs.

3. Build brand awareness - A marketing strategy will help you to build awareness of your brand among your target audience. This can include activities such as social media marketing, influencer collaborations, and email marketing campaigns.

An effective marketing strategy is a comprehensive plan that outlines the specific tactics and activities that a cake business will use to achieve its marketing objectives. It includes a detailed analysis of the target audience, the competition, and the market environment, as well as the identification of the unique selling points and value propositions of the business.

A marketing strategy also includes the development of a brand identity, messaging, and positioning, as well as specific tactics such as advertising, social media, email marketing, content marketing, and events. The strategy should be aligned with the overall business objectives and goals, and should be regularly evaluated and adjusted based on the results achieved.

Example Marketing Strategy for Cake Business in the UK

To illustrate the importance of a marketing strategy for a cake business, let's take a look at an example marketing plan for a fictional cake business called "Sweet Delights." Lets say that Sweet Delights sells wedding cakes and occasion cakes in Leeds and wants to grow their business in the next six months to go from a part-time to a full-time business.

Marketing Objectives For Cake Businesses

  1. Increase sales of wedding cakes to 6 per month by the end of the next 6 months.

  2. Increase sales of occasion cakes to 12 per month by the end of the next 6 months.

  3. Increase brand awareness and customer engagement through social media and local events.

  4. Establish Sweet Delights as the go-to cake business in Leeds for high-quality, custom cakes.

Its really important to specifically outline your targets and objectives so you can check back month on month to see if you're growing and progressing in the right direction. Having clear objectives means that you can put all your effort into the right things.

Marketing Strategy For Cake Business

Target Audience For Cake Businesses

The target audience for Sweet Delights are those that fit into these demographics, psychographics and behaviours:

1. Demographics: The primary demographic for Sweet Delights is women and men aged 25-45 who are getting married, celebrating a special occasion, or hosting an event. This includes individuals and couples who are looking for high-quality, custom cakes that are tailored to their specific needs and preferences. They are likely to be located in Leeds or the surrounding areas.

2. Psychographics: The target audience for Sweet Delights values quality, attention to detail, and personalised service. They are willing to pay a premium price for a cake that meets their expectations and exceeds their standards. They are interested in unique and creative designs, and are willing to try new flavours and styles.

3. Behaviour: The target audience for Sweet Delights is likely to have researched and compared different cake businesses before making a purchase. They are likely to have a clear idea of what they want in a cake, and are willing to invest time and money in finding the right provider. They may also be influenced by word-of-mouth recommendations from friends, family, or colleagues.

Based on this target audience, Sweet Delights will tailor its marketing messaging and tactics to appeal to the specific needs and preferences of potential customers. For example, it can use social media to showcase unique and creative cake designs, develop email campaigns that offer personalised recommendations and promotions, and attend local events to engage with customers in person and build relationships.

Brand Identity For Cake Businesses

Branding and brand identity are essential components of any successful marketing strategy. Here's how Sweet Delights can define and outline its branding and brand identity.

Brand Definition:

Sweet Delights is a cake baking business that specialises in creating high-quality, custom wedding and occasion cakes in Leeds. It prides itself on offering personalised service and attention to detail to ensure that each cake is unique and tailored to the client's specific needs and preferences.

Brand Identity:

  • Logo: The logo for Sweet Delights should be simple, yet elegant and visually appealing. It can feature an icon or illustration that represents cakes, such as a cake stand, wedding cake, or cake slice, along with the business name in a clean and modern font.

  • Colour Palette: The colour palette for Sweet Delights should be soft and muted, with pastel shades of pink, blue, green, or purple. These colours convey a sense of elegance, sophistication, and femininity that aligns with the brand's identity.

  • Tone of Voice: The tone of voice for Sweet Delights should be warm, friendly, and approachable. It should reflect the personalised service and attention to detail that the business offers, and convey a sense of excitement and celebration.

  • Visual Style: The visual style for Sweet Delights should be clean, minimalist, and showcase the beauty of the cakes. It should incorporate high-quality images that highlight the intricate details and design elements of the cakes, as well as lifestyle photography that conveys the joy and celebration that comes with ordering a Sweet Delights cake.

Marketing Strategy For Cake Business

Brand Messaging:

The brand messaging for Sweet Delights should emphasise the following key messages:

  1. Personalised service and attention to detail.

  2. High-quality, custom cakes that exceed client expectations.

  3. Elegance, sophistication, and celebration.

  4. Uniqueness and creativity in design and flavours.

  5. Local business that values community and customer relationships.

By defining and outlining its branding and brand identity, Sweet Delights can create a consistent and memorable brand image that resonates with its target audience and helps it stand out in a crowded marketplace. This can be reflected in all aspects of the business, from the website design and social media content to the packaging and promotional materials.

Website & Social Media For Cake Businesses


Sweet Delights' website is designed to showcase the beauty and quality of its custom cakes and provide potential clients with all the information they need to make an informed decision about ordering a cake. The website is clean and modern, with a soft and muted color palette that reflects the brand's elegance and sophistication. It features high-quality images of the cakes, along with detailed descriptions of the flavours, ingredients, and design options available.

The website also includes a portfolio section that showcases some of Sweet Delights' previous work, as well as customer testimonials that attest to the quality of the cakes and the personalised service provided by the business. The website is easy to navigate and provides clear calls to action, encouraging visitors to contact Sweet Delights to discuss their cake needs and place an order.

The website is also built on a platform that allows for online sales and even in the future online cake decorating courses to allow for a more diverse revenue stream.

Social Media

Sweet Delights can use social media to engage with its target audience, showcase its cakes, and build a community of loyal customers.


Sweet Delights can use popular social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest to reach its target audience and showcase its cakes.


To engage with its target audience, Sweet Delights can post a variety of content on its social media channels, including:

  1. Cake photos: High-quality images of the cakes, along with close-up shots of the intricate design elements, can showcase the quality and beauty of Sweet Delights' work.

  2. Behind-the-scenes: Behind-the-scenes photos or videos can show the process of creating a cake, from sketching out the design to adding the finishing touches.

  3. Customer photos: Sharing photos of customers with their Sweet Delights cakes can showcase the business's personalised service and build social proof.

  4. Tutorials: Sharing tutorials on how to create a particular design element or use a specific ingredient can showcase the business's expertise and establish it as a thought leader in the industry.

Example Week of Social Media:

Here's an example of what Sweet Delights could post in a typical week:

  • Monday: A behind-the-scenes photo of a cake being decorated.

  • Tuesday: A photo of a new cake design being introduced, along with a description of the flavours and design elements.

  • Wednesday: A tutorial video showing how to make a popular design element, such as sugar flowers.

  • Thursday: A customer testimonial showcasing the quality and personalised service of Sweet Delights.

  • Friday: A post featuring a unique cake flavour, along with a call to action to place an order for a special occasion.

Social Media Goals:

Sweet Delights can use social media to achieve the following marketing goals:

  1. Build brand awareness: By showcasing its cakes on social media, Sweet Delights can reach a wider audience and build brand awareness.

  2. Engage with customers: By responding to comments and messages on social media, Sweet Delights can engage with its customers and build relationships.

  3. Drive website traffic: By including a call to action in its social media posts, Sweet Delights can encourage customers to visit its website and place an order.

Overall, social media can be an effective tool for Sweet Delights to build its brand, showcase its cakes, and engage with its target audience.

Marketing Strategy For Cake Business

Other Growth Tactics For Cake Businesses

Sweet Delights also attends Wedding shows or expos to help the brand gain wider exposure and meet more brides and grooms that are looking for a wedding cake. This also helps Sweet Delights become a recommended supplier for venues which helps attract more brides and grooms to purchase a wedding cake from Sweet Delights.

Tactics to Get Started with a Plan of Action for New Cake Businesses

If you're just starting out in the cake business, there are a few tactics that you can use to get started with a marketing plan:

  1. Outline Key Objectives - Ensure you have clear targets that you want to achieve and cater it to your business and what you are good at or enjoy doing.

  2. Define your target audience - Determine the types of customers that you want to target and tailor your marketing strategy accordingly.

  3. Develop a brand identity - Create a visual brand identity that reflects the quality and uniqueness of your cakes.

  4. Build a website - Create a website that showcases your portfolio of cake designs, provides information about your services, and allows customers to easily place orders.

  5. Use social media - Use social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook to showcase your cake designs, engage with your target audience, and build brand awareness.

  6. Collaborate with influencers - Partner with popular influencers in the food and lifestyle industries to showcase your cakes to a wider audience.

  7. Attend local events - Attend local events such as farmer's markets, fairs, and expos to showcase your cakes and meet potential customers. This can help to build brand awareness and generate sales.

  8. Offer promotions - Consider offering special promotions and discounts to encourage customers to place orders, especially when starting out.

Marketing Strategy For Cake Business

Marketing For Cake Businesses Conclusion

In conclusion, a marketing strategy is essential for any cake business in the UK especially if you're starting a cake business at home. By defining your target audience, identifying your unique selling points, developing a brand identity, and using tactics such as social media and influencer collaborations, you can build awareness of your brand and attract customers.

For new cake businesses, getting started with a marketing plan can be as simple as defining your target audience, building a website, and attending local events to showcase your cakes. With the right cake business marketing strategy in place, your cake business can stand out from the competition and thrive in the UK market.



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