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Buttercream & Design Masterclass

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Learn everything you need to create painted buttercream cakes and develop your own signature style with the Buttercream & Design masterclass! Every painter starts with the same basic tools, yet each maker will create something totally unique. Sometimes all we need is initial guidance to give us confidence to express our creativity, try new styles and techniques and find our place in the creative world. This is where the Buttercream & Design course comes in! Module 1: Recipe My Swiss meringue buttercream recipe with step by step guidance. Module 2: Troubleshooting Buttercream turned soupy or curdled? Avoid wastage and learn how to fix it! Module 3: Flavours Adding flavours to your buttercream and recommended fillings Module 4: Stacking & smoothing Learn how to stack a three layer cake, create smooth buttercream and sharp edges PLUS our signature ruffled buttercream finish. Module 5: Colouring Add colouring to your buttercream and learn how to create a colour palette Module 6: Bold designs Learn how to create our classic Waterfall and Terrazzo designs Module 7: Soft designs Creating softer, blended styles with a step by step tutorial Module 8: Painted Flowers Create painted abstract flowers with a detailed guide Module 9: Edible Gold Learn how to use edible gold paint and foil. Module 10: Fresh Flowers Prep your fresh flowers and create beautiful arrangements


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